Monday, April 23, 2007

Own A Piece Of History

Own a piece of history.

You can purchase this mug here

Do you remember exactly where you were when you first read the visionary ideas outlined in "Defense Policy Guidance 1992-1994" by Paul Wolfowitz? This is the ultimate collector's item for you.

You will want to own this mug and pass it on to your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew. You will want to sip hot black coffee, or perhaps a quadruple shot of whiskey from Mr. Wolfowitz's spit-shined head, as you read your precious little one to sleep with these words:

"In the Middle East and Southwest Asia, our overall objective is to remain the predominant outside power in the region and preserve U.S. and Western access to the region's oil."

"While the U.S. cannot become the world's policeman, by assuming responsibility for righting every wrong, we will retain the preeminent responsibility for addressing selectively those wrongs which threaten not only our interests, but those of our allies or friends, or which could seriously unsettle international relations."

"Like the coalition that opposed Iraqi aggression, we should expect future coalitions to be ad hoc assemblies, often not lasting beyond the crisis being confronted, and in many cases carrying only general agreement over the objectives to be accomplished. Nevertheless, the sense that the world order is ultimately backed by the U.S. will be an important stabilizing factor."

Do not be dismayed by Paul's resignation from the World Bank. Five to fifty years from now, when smiling-faced children are playing safely on Paul Wolfowitz Boulevard in downtown Fallujah, and the worst disease in Africa is a case of the sniffles, this mug will be worth ten times what you paid for it.

This mug has only been used to hold my collection of drug company pens. If you are interested in discussing the best quality drug company pens, please contact me. They are not for sale, but I would like to meet others with drug company pens for discussion and perhaps limited trading.

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The Karl Rove mug is not currently for sale, but it may be soon. Sort of difficult to think of parting with that one.